PDU: Theory and Calculations in Denver, Colorado

PDU: Theory and Calculations in Denver, Colorado

Date(s) – Saturday, April 26, 2014
8:00 am4:30 pm

IECRM Denver Campus

Complete your Theory and Calculations PDU requirement with this 1-day, 8-credit class at IECRM in Denver, Colorado. We also offer this class at our Loveland Campus – click here to register for the Loveland class instead. This class provides an overview of Code Calculations and Ohm’s Law based on the NEC. You’ll review how to convert numbers from one form to another and back again, because numbers are part of electrical work and electrical calculations. Teaching this class is Steve Cauley. IECRM’s PDU courses meet the criteria of the Colorado State Electrical Board Rule 9.7, are approved for Wyoming continuing education, and are approved for New Mexico continuing education. In addition, this course meets the criteria for continuing education re-certification requirements of NABCEP Solar PV Certified Installers.


Below is the curriculum that this class will cover, though please note that the instructor will touch upon different topics at different lengths, based on the learning needs of each class. This class covers electrician’s math and basic electrical formulas. Including:

  • Electrician’s Math
    • Whole numbers
    • Decimals
    • Fractions
    • Percentages
    • Multipliers
    • Percent increase
    • Reciprocals
    • Squaring a number
    • Square root
    • Parentheses
    • Volume
    • Rounding off
    • Testing your answer for reasonableness
  • Electrical Formulas & Calculations
    • Ohm’s Law
    • Electrical circuit, power source (DC, AC)
    • Formula wheel
    • Power changes
    • Series circuit calculations (Relationships between current, voltage, resistance, power)
    • Kirchoff’s Voltage Law, Kirchoff’s Current Law
    • Parallel circuit calculations
    • Circuit resistance
    • Multiwire branch circuits, neutral conductor, grounded conductor, current flow on the grounded conductor, balanced systems, unbalanced current, dangers of, NEC requirements
    • Raceway fill
    • Wireways
    • Tips for raceway calculations
    • Outlet box fill calculations
    • Sizing box
    • Conductor equivalents
    • Outlet box sizing
    • Pull boxes, junction boxes, and conduit bodies, pull/junction box sizing requirements, calculations, tips
    • General conductor requirements, conductor insulation, smallest size, terminal temperature rating, conductors in parallel (Article 310.10), NEC requirements for conductors in parallel

What past students said about this class:

“Steve Cauley was great and controlled the class and environment very well, with humor.”


“Great class. Steve is a great instructor.”

-Kyler C.

“The class was well taught and the teacher was very informative.”

-Lawrence B.

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