PDU: Wiring Methods Class in Denver, Colorado

PDU: Wiring Methods Class in Denver, Colorado

Date(s) – Saturday, November 14, 2015
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

IECRM Denver Campus

Registration Deadline: Monday, November 9th

Complete your Wiring Methods PDU requirement with this 1-day, 8-credit class at IECRM in Denver, Colorado. We will be offering this class at our Loveland Campus – check back for the winter date.

This class provides an overview of Article 300 including different types of installations, raceways and the new requirements for conductors.

IECRM’s PDU courses meet the criteria of the Colorado State Electrical Board Rule 9.7, and are approved for New Mexico continuing education. In addition, this course meets the criteria for continuing education recertification requirements of NABCEP Solar PV Certified Installers.

The instructor of this course will be Todd McGee.


Below is the curriculum that this class will cover, though please note that the instructor will touch upon different topics at different lengths, based on the learning needs of each class.

  • Article 300: Wiring Methods
    • 300.3: Conductors of different systems
    • 300.4: Protection against physical damage, wiring under roof decking, insulated fittings, structural joints
    • 300.5: Cables under buildings, conductors of the same circuit grouped together
    • 300.7: Raceways exposed to different temperatures
    • 300.11: Non fire-rated ceiling assemblies
    • 300.21: Spread of fire or products of combustion
    • 300.22: Wiring in ducts and other spaces for environmental air (plenums)
  • Article 310: Conductors for general wiring
    • 310.10: Conductors in parallel
    • 310.15: Conductor ampacity, ambient temperature
  • Article 312.8: Enclosures containing splices, taps, and feed through conductors
  • Article 314: Outlet, device, pull and junction boxes, conduit bodies, handhole enclosures
    • 314.21: Repairing noncombustible surfaces
    • 314.23: Raceway supported enclosure without devices, luminaires, or lampholders
    • 314.27: Outlet boxes, boxes at ceiling suspended (paddle) fan outlets
    • 314.28: Straight pulls- Conductors 4 AWG and larger, power distribution block- junction and pull boxes
    • 314.30: Handhold enclosure cover
  • Article 320: Armored cable definitions, uses not permitted
    • 320.23: Inaccessible attics and roof spaces
  • Article 334: Nonmetallic-sheathed cable
    • 334.10: Uses permitted
    • 334.80: Conductor ampacity
  • Article 338: Service-entrance cable
    • 338.10: Uses permitted
  • Article 342: Intermediate metal conduit (Type IMC)
    • 342.30: Securing and supporting, unsupported raceways
  • Article 344: Rigid metal conduit (Type RMC)
    • 344.30: Unsupported raceways
    • 344.46: Bushings
  • Article 348: Flexible metal conduit (Type FMC)
    • 348.30: Securing and supporting
    • 348.42: Couplings and connectors
    • 348.60: Grounding and bonding
  • Article 350: Liquidtight flexible metal conduit (Type LFMC)
    • 350.30: Securing and supporting
    • 350.42: Couplings and connectors
    • 350.60: Grounding and bonding
  • Article 352: Rigid polyvinyl chloride conduit (Type PVC)
    • 352.10: Insulation temperature limitations
    • 352.30: Unsupported raceways
  • Article 358: Electrical metallic tubing (Type EMT)
    • 358.10: Corrosion protection
    • 358.30: Unsupported raceways
  • Article 376: Metal wireways
    • 376.10: Uses permitted
  • Article 392: Cable trays
    • 392.12: Uses not permitted
    • 392.60: Grounding and Bonding


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